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The Meanings Of Different Cooking Terms

Cooking can be very satisfying, and learning about the different ways to cook and finding new; different recipes to experiment in the kitchen is exciting. This had led to a bunch of television programmes appearing and even more cookbooks arriving to offer chefs tips, advice, and recipes. However, a good starting point for many wanting to get into the kitchen and to begin putting recipes into practice is to know the different terminologies used with cooking.

Learning the different cooking terminologies is important as a dish may be prepared in a number of ways, and each of the preparation methods can result in varying flavours. Here are just a few of the terms cooking recipes may require you to perform:


This is a more common term that many will already know, even if they dont often cook. When a recipe requires you to grill a food item, it will basically mean that you need to cook over an open flame, whether it is by gas or charcoal. Obviously the most ideal place to do food grilling is over a grill.

Frying and Deep-frying

These are terms that are often confused, but they are actually quite different. Frying can be done using a frying pan and with oil or butter, whereas deep-frying on the other hand means that the food needs to be submerged in boiling oil until it is cooked. This can often be seen in fast food chains where the food is placed in a basket and submerged into the boiling oil, often to produce french fries, tender breaded chicken, and funnel cakes.


An alternative to frying is sauting, to produce strong flavours from your food. To saut food, cook quickly using a small amount of fat (oil or butter), and use a frying pan to receive best results when using this cooking method.


When a recipe calls for the food to be broiled, it means that the food should be cooked by direct exposure to a flame or heat element. You may find the broil setting on many ovens, although it is important to place the food on the top rack when using this setting.

For those that cook and prepare meals regularly or just beginning to become interested in cooking, familiarize yourself with the many different preparation and cooking terms. At least learn the basic terms so that you can prepare the food in the way that the recipe intended, and also, before you start cooking a new recipe or dish, firstly read through the recipe instructions so that you know the cooking terms and exactly how to execute them. This is especially important if you are cooking to time schedule.

What’s To Do If You Want To Know The Latest On Cooking

Yet want to stay clear of the smoke and oil of the kitchen? Then its to the Internet’s cooking games with you! On the web, you get to learn about the latest on new recipes, cooking themed-games or puzzles. Nintendo has actually joined the bandwagon and has made a new game called Cooking Mama.

What is this game like on a Nintendo DS? The first thing that might strike people about this and other cooking games is how come there are no ‘levels’, just like the usual games. The idea here is that you don’t need your own ‘hero,’ or even a name. The main menu checks if you are interested in practicing virtual-oriented cooking skills first, which is sensible. Imagine using a stylus to make the perfect cake! Any of the basic dish preparation and cooking skill ought to be reviewed by any beginner, from frying to grating. When you are ready, a long list of recipes await you. Now you may say its a matter of step by step instructions, for more details visit to but its more complex than you think since each stage has a time limit. The buttons may be obsolete and you feel weary of the learning curve for a stylus, but this happens to be a very satisfying, hands on game.

Now how about taking the game to the Internet? As you get a better handle and sharpen your feel of your web-based game, you get to start things off with fifteen recipes. Increased cooking abilities and higher scores mean more and more advanced recipes that can be unlocked, (or opened for viewing and playing). Along the way, for more details visit to recipes can be as varied as cabbage rolls, or fried eggs. Find out here how to make desserts like cream puffs. Exploring your own style in the culinary arts is highly encouraged since you can come up with your own combinations of various ingredients.

Did you know that your cooking even gets to be judged, and with medals, too? An optional feature allows judging so you rake in the gold, silver or bronze, much like an Olympic sport. Interesting and thrilling as it sounds, it can be stressing and nerve-wracking too. Or why not transfer a game and make it open to visitors and challengers, so you can meet people online who will want to match your record or even do better than you?

There are other cooking games sites that offer cooking-themed word searches, brainteasers and mind-bogglers. And even kitchen-themed it seems, in the case of the game refrigerator poetry. There is even a Better Barbecue Challenge. Build up your score by flipping over the meat at exactly the right moment, all the while not blinking at the thermometer.

On the web, there are a lot of good cooking games to help you appreciate better the excitement of real cooking games, and help you see if your impatience, or sometimes lack of concentration can be something that does not happen when you are in front of the computer (read: you may just be imagining that that bad habit exists!). All in all, you will learn something new while keeping yourself occupied in the art of culinary delights.

Healthy Steps To Cooking With Ground Beef

A big juicy burger on a toasted bun with all the fixings is always delicious. I love them myself and crave them occasionally. But liking them does not make them healthy for me.

Are you conscious about what you eat? Do you make healthy food choices? I try my best to always eat healthy and make the right choices for my health and body. But, sometimes I do give in to the craving of the all-American hamburger.

Of course it is always a wise, healthful choice to choose the leanest ground beef while shopping for your family. But unfortunately it’s not always in our budget to do so. Ground chuck and extra lean beef is much more expensive than the regular.

Did you know that you can reduce the fat in regular ground beef by as much as 50 percent? This is something I wasn’t aware of until doing a simple search on another article that I was working on. If your family budget won’t allow for the leaner ground beef, there are steps you can take to actually take out approximately half the fat. I found this quite intriguing.

The simple steps below takes out half the fat

Naturally we drain off a lot of the fat by simply straining it through a colander after cooking it. But there are additional steps to reducing the fat even more. If you are preparing beef that goes in spaghetti, chili, or even casseroles…drain the fat off of it thoroughly with a colander after cooking.

Then with a slotted spoon, take out the cooked beef and place on a paper towel lined platter and let sit for one minute. Meanwhile, wash and dry the colander and the skillet thoroughly and place colander in the sink.

Generously blot top of beef with more paper towels. Return the cooked beef back into the colander. Then pour hot water (approximately 150 to 160 degrees F) over it and let it drain for five minutes.

Repeat this last step one more time. This step also takes out some of the flavor of the beef, but you can add any herbs or seasonings you like after rinsing. If your recipe calls for onion, garlic salt, or other seasonings, you might want to add it after you rinse it.

Return the beef to your skillet. Reheat, and continue with your recipe.

Grilling Versus Frying

Let’s face it…it’s always wise to grill burgers rather than frying. And also any other meat that you cook. Grilling is great for the summer time. And for the winter months, you can always broil or invest in an indoor grill.

Alternative For Ground Beef

Try substituting your beef with ground turkey. It’s a well-known fact that ground turkey is much lower in fat than ground beef. It is also less expensive. Lots of people have never even tried ground turkey. It is actually very good…turkey burgers are especially good. Most of the time, you can’t even tell the difference in casseroles or pasta dishes. Try it sometime with your family and see if they notice the difference. If you find them asking “Where’s the beef?”…then you know they did.

Happy Cooking!

Make Your Family Addicted To Home Cooking Instead Of Fast Food

When everyone in the family is having their share of pizzas and chips and fries and coke, how can they deny it to the kid brother? So he too gets his fill. In short, everybody gets his share of fast food, but hardly ever its alternative, which is home cooking.

However, things are a bit on the reverse gear these days, and that is a welcome trend. Both the Internet and the print media are doing yeoman service here, because they offer an endless variety of free recipes and easy recipes. All these can help in improving the quality and variety of home cooking, which will definitely give a fillip to de-addicting people from fast food dependency. And fast food addicts would also do well to calculate the money that they are spending on these fast food goodies, which also go by the name junk food. With half the money that is spent on a junk food meal, people can have healthy and fresh home cooked vegetarian food. Interest in vegetarian delicacies is also a current trend, and is amply aided by the vegetarian recipes that are doing the rounds on the Internet these days.

Whether you want to eat to live, or live to eat, recipes could be an ideal answer to both. There are plenty of veg recipes that are remarkably fat free and have a high content of vitamins and minerals that are required by the body. These veg recipes are the perfect antidote to fast food, which drip with fat and aid obesity. However, there are plenty of non-vegetarian home cooking recipes also, that have low calorie value and high nutritive value and are easy to prepare. Some of these can be as tantalizingly attractive as fast food but will not do half the harm that fast food does. These provide step-by-step guidelines for preparation, including directions for the right way of garnishing.

Vegan recipes appeal to different people for different reasons. There are animal rights activists who swear by vegetarian food and so are always searching for new veg recipes. Then there are people who avoid eating non-vegetarian food for health reasons. Whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, it is better to master a few veg recipes, because a certain amount vegetables have to be part of a person’s daily diet. Having said that, chicken and mutton are kings of the cooking pot and vegetables can never completely replace them. There are elaborate recipes for preparing meat and fish, and some of the meat preparations are perfect home cooking recipes, even if they are a bit time consuming. No harm in trying out a couple of elaborate ones on festival days and holidays and you can ask the rest of the family also to join in the efforts. When you ask them to be a part of your cooking ventures, whether these dishes are based on easy recipes, or elaborate ones, you will be giving them the first lessons in home cooking and in the importance of keeping off fast foods.

Bbq grill island for an outdoor cooking experience

A bbq grill island is a grilling center that makes outdoor cooking a wonderful experience. It is especially designed for backyard cookout and it makes part of the patio furniture category, offering plenty of cooking tools and facilities, gathering in the same place kitchen appliances, grilling features and utensils. It has a very nice design, making the bbq grill island a very good investment.

A bbq grill island can actually change the aspect of your patio or backyard, offering it more style and comfort, taking outdoor cooking to a new level. This grilling center is usually elegant and sophisticated and completely customized according to your needs and your cooking habits, becoming this way the focal point of your yard. You can find a variety of designs, colors and finishes that perfectly go together with your home style and your preferences. This way, you may become addicted to cooking outdoors.

A great fact about a bbq grill island is that you can feature it with all the kitchen appliances you need in order to take cooking outdoors daily. You can even add portable grills to the cooking island. You can cook extremely fine dishes for amazing dinners, right outside your kitchen, having everything that you need perfectly placed in order. You may call the bbq grill island the grill entertainment center. Just imagine how great your parties will become with a bbq grill island, your friends or relatives will be amazed of how great your yard will look and how useful it is even for everyday life.

With a bbq grill island, cooking will be a lot simplified, offering you counter space to cook and also having the great advantage of protecting you from all types of weather, as some of these islands are even waterproof, being provided with cabinets for storage. With a bbq grill island on your backyard, this place will gain a professional appearance. A bbq grill island practically replaces your indoor kitchen in a very stylish manner.

When choosing a bbq grill island, you don’t have to worry that you do not have knowledge about plumbing, masonry, carpentry or basic construction, as there are prefabricated islands that have various sizes and offer a wide range of amenities. Bbq grill islands are sometimes very expensive, but they are really impressive not only regarding their stylish looking, but also their utility and functionalities, adding value to your home and to your life.

The bbq grill island has a very nice history behind. Practically, it was purely fictional at first. Its manufacturers were inspired by the -Dallas- TV show; the producers considered that barbecuing is a very good habit that the -Dallas- family members would adopt and thought that they should have barbecuing conditions according to their wealth. This way, Ducane Company came up with a dual grill and a lot of nice counter space. Nowadays, a lot of people have one in their backyards.

A bbq grill island can be completely customizable, you can choose any material you want – wood, stone, brick and so on, whichever you like the most. You may also choose which appliances and amenities to add to it. Make sure you always choose high quality products and materials, as this is a long term investment which should offer you lots of years of amazing grilling experiences. Also remember that you can always add replacement grill parts.

How Can Cooking Classes Benefit Young Children

Children are by nature very inquisitive and curious about cooking. For them, it is always interesting to know how their moms are able to prepare such delicious meals and adorable cookies and cakes. These qualities are something that every parent should use to encourage children the art of cooking. You dont necessarily have to enroll your child in formal cooking classes. By taking the time to cook together with your children, you will not only teach them some very important skills, but doing this can give a lot of other benefits as well.

Development of Skills

The kitchen is a wonderful setting where kids can learn a variety of skills. Letting your kids use blunt objects such as bread knives to mash or chop food items can help enhance their motor skills. But of course, it is very important that you not let your child find his or her own way in the kitchen. Make sure that you are always around when the child tries to use any kitchen utensils. You may simply ask your child to cut dough or some herbs using child-friendly scissors. This could be a perfect training especially if your child is just getting ready to enter school. Children also learn some basic math skills inside the kitchen. You can teach them how to make measurements, through which they may get a better understanding of fractions and proportions.


Children who are allowed to help out with kitchen chores easily develop a sense of responsibility. The feeling of getting involved and useful is something that every child wants. They also find snack and meal preparation very enjoyable. As your child grows older, he or she will have the knowledge and willingness to be responsible for preparing their own meals and snacks. In addition, helping out in the kitchen enables kids to make their own choices. You can allow them to garnish a meal or frost a cake according to their preferences. Through this, you are allowing them to express their creativity through food preparation.

Quality Time

One thing that enrolling your kids to formal cooking classes for children doesnt do is allow you to spend some quality time with your child. By staying in the kitchen together, you can talk to your child about the things you may not usually have the chance of asking. You can talk about school, their friends, and so on. Children will always remember those cool and fun conversations you have with them even as they get older.

Healthy Eating

The kitchen is an excellent place where you may teach your child about choosing the right food to eat. You can explain to your child the importance of using only the freshest and healthiest food ingredients. This lets them understand more why you always choose to serve nutritious meals for them. whats more, smelling, touching and tasting new food items can certainly open up their minds to new foods and taste. Not only will they get to try whatever food type they used to dislike. Through this, children get a broader knowledge of food. Thus, by spending time with your child in the kitchen, you are actually allowing him or her to learn and love food and cooking.

Glass Beakers In The Kitchen Adding Science To The Art Of Cooking

How many times have you been in the kitchen and run out of measuring cups to store your precisely prepared ingredients? We have. Glassware made specifically for kitchen use can be prohibitively expensive and many home chefs will settle for boring bowls and cups. Ever consider labware for your kitchen? Watch a couple episodes of Alton Brown’s hit Food Network show, “Good Eats,” and the rest is history. The fact is lab equipment isn’t entirely foreign to being used in the kitchen. Every wonder where the idea for the immersion blender came from?

Laboratory grade glassware makes the perfect supplement for your home cooking needs. Many of the properties that make laboratory lab equipment so great in the labware also valued in your kitchen. Characteristics such as a high melting point, resistance to strong acids, alkalis, and thermal shock make laboratory glass perfect for the kitchen.

Glass beakers can be used to mix and serve salad dressings and drinks. Ever had a test-tube shot? Make your guests the Guinea Pigs your next experiment. You may also put a cork in those test-tubes and use them to make a very cool spice rack. In fact, what couldn’t you use labware for you in your kitchen?

Erlenmeyer flasks can be used for many of the same uses but on a larger scale. These flasks are perfect for the home-brewed beer enthusiasts. They may also be used for storing leftover soups, pastas, and sauces. Never guess what’s in the leftover container again!

Speaking of sauces… want to try a new delicate sauce recipe, but don’t have the time to continuously stir it? A magnetic stirring hot plate can solve that problem. Simply drop a teflon coated stir bar (won’t add any unwanted flavors) into your sauce to be, and the magnetic hot plate will automatically stir it for you.

Beakers can easily replace measuring cups and drinking glasses. They also make a wonderful alternative serving dish for layered desserts.

One of the best features of using lab equipment in the kitchen is their ability to be used over and over and not retain any leftover flavors. Dishwasher safe and laboratory approved, labware makes a great alternative to traditional measuring, storing, stirring, and scooping containers.

Dare to be different and discover what scientists know you have been missing out on by using labware in your kitchen.

Cooking Ware For Your Resto

Is having the right cookware in your resto business important to you? Owners design their own menu, select their own tables and chairs, and choose what type of food to serve. They give their business the time of day to make their business a reality by giving their ideas on how to make their presence known to their market. Running a business like this for them is not easy especially with the competitive market of food today. They usually have tough, innovative, and competitive qualities to run their business.

Nowadays, resto establishments not only give importance to what they cook in their kitchen but also to what they use to cook these with. They invest in best quality kitchenware which they will definitely use everyday. There are different suppliers who may satisfy business owner’s needs. Business owners who are into this type of business have the passion for cooking which is why they want to have high quality kitchen ware. Especially those who are employed as professional chefs are very concerned with their own cooking pans and accessories.

Different suppliers in the market today understand these needs and provide appropriate cookware. Cookware supplied may vary depending on the type of cooking method done professional chefs. They provide the appropriate design and technology in making this cookware. They did this through collaborating with popular chefs, housewives, and people who just love cooking. Because of this, they were able to provide top quality products and services.

Manufacturers who use superior technology for innovating their products and services were the results from these studies. They began to use pure aluminum for their products, Inductoseal, Controllnduc, Silvinox surface treatment, Tripllnduc, and 7-Ply Material services. They also found a way to make pans’ handles remain cool while cooking for hours. Also, they make their products look attractive and decorative for their customers.

Professional chefs or amateur ones who may be employed or own their restaurant are really meticulous with what they have in their kitchen. It is important for them to have the right kitchenware and cooking accessories to use for their cooking methods. They often believe that if you use the right cooking tools, their food would taste better and look good. It is important for them to have these because food is their passion. For all cooking fanatics out there, it is important to have the right tools in your kitchen.

Let Us Fight Against The Illegal Cooking Oil

The illegal cooking oil is usually made from discarded kitchen wastes that have been refined. Looking clean and clear, it contains toxic substance such as aflatoxin, which can cause cancers. In China, underground oil refining businesses have grown pretty maturely. There is a whole set of procedures for producing illegal cooking oil.
As a country with prosperous restaurant businesses, the amount of kitchen waste produced on a daily basis in China is quite large, forming 40 percent of a citys total waste.
With its price being half that of ordinary cooking oil, a profit of 1.5 to 2 billion Yuan is produced in the entire alleged cooking oil business on the country every year. The profit margin is almost 200 percent. Its easy to understand why the lousiness is so hot. Said China Daily. In the current situation, preventing of the use of illegal cooking oil should begin its source, kitchen waste.
The first and foremost step is to ensure an official, standardized collection of kitchen waste. At present, the owners of the restaurants sell the kitchen wastes to the illegal cooking oil producers to make great profits. But if they have legal channels in which they can sell these wastes and earn some money, the use of these kitchen wastes can continue to enter the market with its sustained high profitability. The key point is to advance the technology in this industry. However, at present, the restaurants are unwilling to hire the citys sanitation workers for kitchen waste collection but to sell them to those illegal producers. The restaurants have to pay a certain fee if they hire the citys sanitation workers; whereas selling kitchen waste to private parties can earn them almost 10000 Yuan every year.
Second, the government should strengthen the supervision of the production and circulation of the illegal cooking oil. On the one hand, the cost of committing relevant crimes must be increased. Any party involved should be punished severely. On the other hand, the moral standards should be enhanced. People should be encouraged to take responsibility for the right of leading a health life for others as well as for themselves.
In my opinion, it is the basic right for people to take in health food everyday and everybody shoulders the responsibility to guarantee this basic human rights. As ordinary citizens, we cant merely depend on the government to settle this problem. Everybody has the responsibility to join in the fight against the illegal cooking oil and defend our own health.

Can You Be Addicted To Cooking

In proper Alcoholics Anonymous tradition I think I should start this with an admission: My name is Richard and I am a cookaholic, and I am not alone. According to recent statistics (see note 1) it is very likely that you know several cookaholics and probably have at least one in your immediate family.Now you may already be able to guess what cookaholism is but, like many other addictions, there are some clear symptoms that can be used both as warning signs of emerging cookaholism, and to diagnose the presence of the full blown version of this awful affliction. To practice diagnosis I suggest you think of a person you know who shows signs of being fanatical about cooking and try the following check list. The presence of any two of the following indicates a person at risk, three or more is a positive diagnosis while four or more indicates severe and acute cookaholism that needs immediate shock exposure treatment (discussed below).

(1) Patient engages in compulsive note taking while watching their favourite TV cooks. This is, of course, a futile activity as the need to squash the instructions into a fixed time slot between the phone-in competition and the commercial break means crucial details will inevitably be garbled or missed. None-the-less, they still crave the presence of a pencil and paper while watching.

(2) Patient attempts to hide their addictions by placing the means of satisfaction out of sight. The hidden items may be substances or tools that are used when engaging in the addictive behaviour:
(2a) Tools include celebrity chef endorsed implements that have been used no more than twice before being consigned to the darkest recesses of the kitchen cabinetry. These were typically bought in the forlorn hope that they would magically come with a few free millilitres of the raw talent of the endorsing genius.
(2b) Substances could include secret caches of out-of-date ingredients, often hidden in plain sight among more everyday ingredients. Typically these will be packets hidden at the back of a store cupboard, a pinch of which was absolutely required for a dish that is served in pots no larger than ramekins. This disk will have been made once and only once, and required at least three hours of preparation to produce no more than two minutes of indifferent consumption.
(3) Patient maintains an extensive library of manuals and instructions. Unlike old ingredients and unused tools, these will typically be on display, with the more prestigious (and least useful) taking price of place. These may also be accompanied by a hidden cache of less socially acceptable recipes and notes (e.g. slimming recipes clipped from magazines, often interspersed with an occasional recipe for an excessively calorific, high density desert or pudding).
Note that while others may unwittingly contribute to such collections on birthdays, often these are bought by the cookaholic themselves although in a covert and furtive way. Typically the target book will be bought in the run up to Christmas, wrapped carefully and then given to a partner to pass on to the smallest child in the household. This smallest child will then give it back to the cookaholic who rewards them with a display of enthusiastically feigned surprise alongside completely genuine delight as they now know they can spend Christmas afternoon indulging their obsession. Note that this particular symptom is insidious as it subtly encourages the next generation to consider this normal behaviour and makes them susceptible to developing cookaholism themselves in later life.
(4) A ‘favourites’ list on their personal computer that includes at least one each of the following:
(4a) A saved link to a desert recipe found on the sort of cookery forum where members post the ingredients for their Granny’s Baked Alaska or Rich Fruit Cake accompanied by cooking times that, while absolutely perfect for the originator’s 25 year old free-standing oven with it’s intermittently working thermostat, will result in little more than charred remains in nearly every other cooking appliance in the known universe.
(4b) Links to the websites of two or more TV channels labelled innocently as something like “TV Guide” but which take the form www dot TV Channel Name dot com slash/ recipes.
(4c) A link to a celebrity chef website. Follow this link and if the loaded page includes the text “Welcome back” with the name of the patient, then consider this as completely fulfilling the criteria for item 4.
A large collection of recipe cards obtained from at least two different supermarkets. A particularly severe form of this symptom is where the patient not only keeps and uses the recipe cards, but believes they are to be read literally and constitute an absolute truth. This is shown by an insistence that the ingredients are bought from the original shop and an unwillingness to accept that the word “Waitrose” (or whatever it may be) is the one word you can afford to completely ignore in the phrase “half a grated Waitrose cucumber.”
Having identified the presence of the condition, I am sad to say that there is very little to be done as there is currently no known cure. The best that can be recommended is a course of palliative care in which, while the condition remains, the more extreme symptoms are kept at bay by controlled feeding of the addiction. Exposure to TV chefs (effectively the ‘dealers’ who promote the spread of this disease) can be limited but not too severely or unfortunate withdrawal symptoms may ensue. Occasional cookery books and cooking gadgets might be purchased although this, ideally, should happen no more frequently than twice a year (patient’s birthday and Christmas may provide convenient dosing points).Finally, it may be possible to temporarily attenuate the effects of the condition by sending the patient to a suitable facility for a day or more. Unlike traditional rehabilitation camps, over exposure rather than abstinence is usually the recommended treatment so a cooking experience day, ideally a day of personal training with a celebrity chef, may help. Apart from providing a host of ideas and recipes to practice, this will typically provide the patient with an extended period of satisfaction and sense of well-being, allowing at least a temporary return to normal living for a few weeks afterward.Notes:(1) 93.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

Be Expert In Cooking Through Virtual Practice

Even at a young age, we dream of becoming someone great in some aspects of our future career. For those who are aiming to have their own cafe, bakeshop or restaurant it would require learning the basics as well as higher levels of cooking. There is no better time than the present to introduce the basics of cooking among kids. This is where playing online cooking games helps. Such can aid as a cheaper way to learn how to become an expert chef. Over time, the features and graphics of this game have improved for more realistic and enjoyable game time.

During childhood, we get to play with ceramic and plastic toy pots for cooking games. But the World Wide Web gave it a twist and more kids especially girls have opted for the virtual means to play. It comes with high resolution flash image, using the point and click controls with amusing background and music to boot. These features make online cooking game more enjoyable and a real feel of the kitchen environment.

The mechanics of the game are quite simple and easy to follow. The basic level consists of simple kitchen tools and equipments which can improve as the level progresses. In the game, one is required to earn points or cash in order to have the means to purchase new tools or have the place improved and expanded.

A player can apply techniques and methods they think would be suitable in improving their market. There are competitions and challenges as well, marketing against other food businesses. This may mean adding more to the menus or any other strategies they can think of.

For the cooking part, there are time pressures involved in completing an order for the customer. Finishing quickly would earn points or losing a customer otherwise. There are certain levels that require competing with other chefs, turning one main ingredient into a mouth watering dish.

If you want to have a glimpse with the art of cooking, an online cooking game would be a real help. It even comes with a virtual chef that can teach you some recipes and all the other methods involved in cooking such as baking, flambe, saute, frosting and other techniques.

There are thousands of varieties and levels to choose from online cooking games. It has improved the way on how we can be an expert chef in a recreational and enjoyable way.

Types of Kitchen Knife Blades

If you are shopping for new kitchen knives, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of different blade types available for purchase. Blades can be made of many different materials, with steel being the most common material used. The best types of steel knives are made of high-carbon stainless steel. These are good quality because the blades are sharp and durable. Stainless steel is also resistant to rust and corrosion. Steel blades can be made by stamping or forging. It is preferable to buy a forged blade because they are better quality and usually heavier. Stamped blades are cut from large sheets of steel, then they are heat-treated and sharpened. Forged blades are made from a piece of steel that is pounded into the shape of the blade. Another type of blade material found on the market today is titanium. These types of knives are lighter and less prone to wear and tear. However, they are expensive and the blades are difficult to maintain. There are also some non-metal types of knife blades on the market. One is ceramic, which actually has a sharp edge. This lasts a long time, provided you do not chip the edge on anything, such as your countertop or floor, if you drop the knife. Although sharpened and good for cutting, it is still ceramic and is breakable. Sometimes you can also find plastic knives. These are not very versatile because the plastic blade is not super sharp. This is only usable for cutting fruits and vegetables. Whatever type of knife you have, it is important to care for them and store them properly. Never put your good kitchen knives in the dishwasher, as they can get nicked and dulled. Always wash by hand and dry before storing away. Never store knives in a drawer where they can bang into each other or anything else. If you choose to store them in a drawer, use knife sheaths or guards to cover and protect the blades. A countertop knife block is another convenient way to store your knives carefully, and can be purchased separately if your knife set did not already come with one. Proper knife storage is important not only because you have invested money into your kitchen knife collection, but of course for safety reasons as well. You don’t want to cut yourself on loose knife blades thrown into a drawer. For more like this, please visit this website.

How Do You Cook Pearl Barley

One of the oldest grains is barley and this grain is extremely versatile. It used to be cultivated as a cereal grain in the traditional days by nomadic tribes before people started using it in brewing of beer. Barley is known to be a great source of complex carbohydrates, proteins and fiber while it is also full of vitamins. Barley has an unique flavor and can be used for different purposes and this will include in stews, soups, casseroles, curries, desserts as well as salads. It is also low in fat as well as no cholesterol. If you wish to know how to cook barley you first have to get familiar with several basics. It is available in many forms and the nosy common one is the pearl barley which has the outer hull removed.

Pearl barley is classified into two namely the regular one and the easy to cook one. Pearl barley can be used in making hot cereals in a similar way as making oatmeal. Baked goods can also use pearl barley. Parley barley can be prepared using different recipes an example being the soothing barley and chicken soup recipe and after using this you will never ask how do you cook pearl barley again. This recipe requires you to have a couple of ingredients.

These ingredients will include 4 large chicken thighs, 6 cups chicken stock, 8 ounces of sliced mushrooms, 1 medium peeled and diced onion, canned tomatoes with the juice, 1 tablespoons olive oil, ? cup pearl washed barley, 4 medium peeled and diced carrots, 2 cloves freshly minced garlic, 2 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce, 2 tablespoon fresh chopped parsley leaves, ? tablespoon oregano, ? tablespoon basil, ? tablespoon thyme as well as salt and pepper to taste. You can now start to cook the pearl barley starting with placing a big pot on medium heat and pouring 1 tablespoon olive oil.

The chicken thighs are then supposed to be added when their skin is facing down and wait for them to turn golden brown. The 2 cups of the stock should then be added and the heat reduced to medium low. This mixture should be covered and left to cook for approx 40 minutes. The cooked chicken can now be removed and put aside for cooling and later refrigerate it. You should then use the remaining stock with 2 cloves of freshly minced garlic, ? cup pearl barley, ? a teaspoon each of basil, thyme and oregano, 8 ounces of sliced mushrooms, 4 medium sized peeled and diced carrots, 1 peeled and diced onion as well as 1 can of tomatoes with its juice.

This mixture is then supposed to be covered and cooked for about 1 ? hours on low heat and this should be until the barley and the vegetables are properly cooked. The chicken should then be taken out of refrigeration and its skin removed while discarding its bones. The meat should then be chopped and added to the already cooking soup during the last hour of the cooking process. The salt and pepper can then be added to the soup to taste. Regular check ups are required for determining the consistency of the soup especially its thickness and if it is too thick you can add water. Garnish the dish using the finely chopped parsley.

Cooking Brussel Sprouts

Most people don’t like brussels sprouts, because most people eat them overcooked. Once you try a nice steamed one, just a little bit crunchy, it should have a great nutty flavor. They go well with garlic flavors, onions, and different mustards. This article lists some different ideas for cooking brussel sprouts in ways that are simple, quick, delicious, and low calorie.

When preparing your vegetable to be steamed, you’ll want to let them sit for about ten minutes in a bowl of water. This way any dirt or debris that has collected under the leaves will find it’s way out and float up in the water. Once you’ve got them cleaned, you’ll want to either steam them whole, or cut them in half. Then you simply put them in your steamer, cooking them with whatever flavors you want (or adding the flavors afterward).

A nice simple way to eat them is to steam them with sliced onion, and then add melted butter, thyme, oregano, salt, and pepper. This is delicious and easy.

To compliment their great nutty flavor, toasted almond slivers to the end dish make a great addition. You can steam the brussels sprouts with some onion, and then mix it up with butter (optional, cut it out or use sparingly for a lower calorie dish) and some lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

To mix things up a bit and add some more vegetables in there, steam your sprouts with some new potatoes (quarter them and cook them on a separate tray for best cooking times). Once done, mix them up with some fresh chives, salt, and pepper.

Peppers also steam very well. Try steaming some peppers cut into strips with some brussels sprouts and then mixing them with some basil, mustard, butter, salt, and pepper. Whipping the flavors together with a fork and using them as a dip is a great way to really impress people, but still keep things really simple in the kitchen.

If you’re looking for a great dressing for your vegetables, try mixing up some olive oil, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, a couple cloves of garlic, salt, and pepper. Pour this on the plate and then place your vegetables on top. This is a great, light, easy to make dressing that you can roll your sprouts in. Whatever other vegetables you decide to steam with it (peppers, asparagus, potatoes, carrots, etc) will taste great in this simple dressing.

Chicken Feet a Palatable Filipino Appetizer Recipe

Filipino recipe. You could also visit my recipe about sopas and kare kare which is my kids all time favorite.

“>Before, 20 years ago Chicken intestine, head and neck, and chicken feet is just thrown or just use a feed for swine animal. Presently everything has changed because of financial difficulty, aside from feather, beak, and cocks comb everything is eaten in the Philippines. Chicken intestine is usually prepared as Crispy Chicharon and IUD (Filipino terminology for Chicken intestine Barbeque) while Chicken neck and head is prepare as Crispy breaded fried chicken or Barbeque also, both of those part is prepared as a street food in the Philippines. While chicken intestine and neck has become a popular street food in Philippines, chicken feet have its own place when it comes with popularity. Chicken feet is usually offered as a Dim sum recipe on several Chinese restaurant in Metro Manila, just keep your eyes close while tasting chicken feet with tausi dim sum and you could not barely notice that you are tasting chicken feet. Chinese has influence us Filipino to use Chicken feet as meal and I have a here a Chicken feet recipe that you will like surely like, It is known as Chicken Adobo with Banana Catsup. Chicken feet adobo is so palatable, affordable, and easy to prepare. Here is my method when preparing this chicken feet recipe.

Ingredient for Cooking for Chicken Adobo

1 kg chicken feet, wash, remove bumble feet and outer yellowish skin 4-5 minced garlic 1cup of water 1 cup of soy sauce cup of vinegar tbsp ground peppercorn 2 pcs laurel leaves cup banana catsup Vetsin Salt to taste Sugar (optional)

Direction for Cooking Chicken Feet Adobo:

In a casserole, bring to boil 2 cup of water with chicken feet, put fire into low and simmer 10 minute. Add soy sauce, vinegar, ground peppercorn, bay leaf and simmer until chicken feet tenderize. Add banana catsup and continue cooking on small fire until sauce thicken, add salt if needed and season with vetsin. You could always add sugar to add sweetness or Chili to make the recipe hot spicy. Chicken feet adodo is best served as a viand or for appetizer when drinking beer.

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