Cooking Affected By The Wine Quality

Wine can be an essential ingredient. It can enhance the meal, not only by drinking it with the meal, but as an integral part of the food itself. The French cooking sauces, bearer rouge, and bearer Blanc both contain wine. Both French and Chinese cooking make use of wine as an ingredient, as well as many other types of cooking. Wine can be used as an ingredient in sauces, soups, marinades, and more. It combines well with other flavors and ingredients, such as vinegar, fish paste, soy sauce, and many others.

There are questions that people have in cooking with wine. You yourself may be tentative about using wine in your cooking. Well, for more help visit to: are some answers to some common questions about cooking with wine.

The quality of the cooking is definitely affected by the quality of wine. Cooking with wine, tends to concentrate the flavor, since the alcohol evaporates out, leaving the flavors. You’ll want to use a good quality wine, but you also shouldn’t spend $100 for a bottle of wine for cooking. You can find some good wines for under $20 that will work just fine for cooking. In general, you don’t want to cook with a wine that you wouldn’t drink.

Most but not all of the alcohol will evaporate during the cooking process. Since alcohol evaporates at 172 degrees F., most if not all of the alcohol will be gone by the time the food is done cooking. Also keep in mind, that most recipes do not call for a lot of wine, so there would not be very much alcohol in the first place. For more help visit to: if you don’t drink wine for personal reasons, then you should be safe using it for cooking.

Don’t put too much wine in. If you’re using a recipe, just follow the recipe, and don’t add more wine than it calls for. If you think the recipe calls for too much wine, then you can simply use a little bit less wine. If you’re experimenting with your own recipes, start with a little bit of wine, and add more as needed. Add a little bit of wine at first, and let the recipe cook. Taste it, and decide if it needs more wine. If so, then add some, if not, then don’t. If there is not enough wine in a recipe, you can always add more. If there is too much, you can’t remove it.

Yes, there is a difference. Cooking wine contains salt and chemicals that make it okay for cooking, but not for drinking. Some recipes call for cooking wine. In this case, go ahead and use it. For the most part however, you should use regular wine. As stated above, you shouldn’t cook with a wine that you wouldn’t drink. In most cases, regular wine will work much better than cooking wines for your recipes.

If you just follow these simple tips, you’ll be able to enhance your soups, sauces, marinades, and other recipes with the proper use of wine.

Anabolic Cooking Guide Review – Is It Worth The Money

The Anabolic Cooking book is a very popular cookbook and nutrition guidebook on the internet nowadays.

On this Anabolic Cooking review we will take a look at this product, learn what you can find inside and discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of this cookbook and nutrition guide.

Anabolic Cooking Review – What Exactly Is It?

Created and written by Dave Ruel, a very famous bodybuilder and fitness expert, Anabolic Cooking is a cookbook and in-depth nutrition manual for fitness and bodybuilding.

Dave Ruel states that the place most of the muscle builders get it wrong is in their diet because it is very easy to recognize when you are exercise right however it’s very hard to keep the nutrition perfect, as you have to understand a variety of things like calories, protein, carbs, fats and plenty of other nutrients.

This explanation is exactly the primary goal of Dave Ruel’s product: showing you the precise things that you really want to eat if you want to build muscle tissue on the best way and the way to make it happen by consuming tasty and simple to make meals.

Anyhow, The Anabolic Cooking is more than just a recipe book and to understand better what exactly Anabolic Cooking is lets take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this product.

Anabolic Cooking Review – The Pros And Cons

The Pros

Help You Saving A Lot Of Money

Many muscle builders spend lots of dollars each month purchasing food and different supplements that may or might not be useful for them.

In the Anabolic Cooking guidebook you will discover a budgeting chapter that will show you how to do smart shopping and easy methods to save some huge cash and still get pleasure from healthy and tasty meals.

More than 200 Tasty And Healthy Recipes

One of the main problems with most of the healthy diets and especially with anabolic food is that they really lack any sort of flavor.

Dave understands the situation and in his cookbook every recipe is designed with a particular taste in mind and with over 200 healthy recipes who are serving your muscle-building goals very well, I guess that you’ll never be bored with your food plan again.

Most Of The Recipes Are Very Easy To Make

Most of the recipes in Dave Ruel’s cookbook have been made for the busy individual and many of the meals inside this cookbook are easy to acquire and take just a short while to make.

60 Days Of Money Back Guarantee

The product comes with full money back guarantee for 60 days and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the results, you will get your money back.

The Cons

A Few Of The Serving Sizes Aren’t Listed

As I see it, one thing that needs a little fix in Dave Ruel’s Anabolic Cooking guide is the serving sizes.

The nutritional information is listed every time, however for a couple of recipes the serving sizes are not listed and you have to realize what the best serving size is.

Only A Part Of The Big Picture

Dave Ruel’s Anabolic Cooking system will not make your muscles bigger by itself and if you wish to get the best outcomes you will have to go after a good exercise program and to work hard.

However, The Anabolic Cooking program does solve one of the main troubles of muscle builders and it could actually help you to eat right and to enjoy your food simultaneously.

French Cooking Terms If You Want To Earn Your French Cooking Degree

Perhaps the hardest of the French cooking course you will find on enrolling in French cooking school is having to learn the French cooking terms. However, there is no short cut to learning these French cooking terms if you want to earn your French cooking degree for the help This is the foremost requirement of attending a prestigious
French cooking school – learning the language!
But what do you do if you do not speak French? Well the smartest thing to do is to learn the language. You will find here some tips on how to go about learning those hard-to-pronounce French cooking terms.
1. To begin with, you should start by understanding what the French cooking term actually stands for or means. There will be times when you will be able to relate the French term to an English cooking term or word. It is best to adopt a technique to find French words you do not know and then try to find the root of the word, its origin. Many times it will help when the word is related to an English word.
2. Put in some extra time practicing the way you pronounce the word and understanding its various uses. One good way to do this is to get yourself a computer and some software that teaches French. Many people have mastered the language through this technique. A little practice pronouncing the words and remembering its meaning will have you working with the French cooking terms like a pro.
3. Make sure you use the French term as often as you can. Remember the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’? The more you hear the term the more likely you are to remember it.
Nothing can be more difficult learning a foreign language. Learning French is on of the most difficult tasks too. But when you have chosen a career where you are required to have at lease some knowledge of the language then it is only right that you learn the language when you will be dealing with people and ingredients that use French names.
The more frustrating thing about learning French terms is that most of the terms sound the same however they is a great difference in their meaning for the help You must get a list of French terms and names of ingredients and practice speaking them in your free time to master the use of the term. It is a good idea to give up using English terminology in class or in the kitchen. Try to use only the French terms you are supposed to master. This is sure way of you learning the terms in the shortest of time. It helps to keep the company of people with similar interests, as this will add to your practice.

Abbati Pizza Cooking Games

Abbati Pizza cooking games game is one of my favorite pizza games. It is developed by Angela anaconda. They are very popular in different cooking games.

When you are going to play those games you have to deliver that pizza at any in given timeframe. Suppose some one order Italian chilly pizza, he instruct you that he must need it within 10 minute. If he cant get pizza within next 10 minutes than he will never order.

Here Abbati is your shop of pizza delivery. And your role is as an instructor to your employer to prepare the pizza within 10 minute and deliver to the destination. You have to instruct them that the customer need within 10 minute else we loose several orders in coming future.

The Pizza must have quality and prepared as per customer demand and requirements. The readymade pizza which you prepare yesterday for urgent delivery may be damaged from rates, spiders, a hungry gina lash and a sneezing gordy. So you have to check such spoiling.

After listing all instruction your employer start making the pizza in game as per your instruction. During this you will find the difficult situation of time frame, the pests. One another thing is that limited materials. You will get some amount of materials only to prepare order. So you can not waste any food which used in pizza cooking games. You have to use every material very carefully without any wastage. Those materials should be clean and without spoiled by germs and virus.

You will feel that you in really in kitchen when you are going to make that pizza. Only perfect pizza maker can prepare that pizza within given timeframe. If you want to win that game than you must follow the instruction step by step and make pizza within given time if you can not do that you will loose that game. One of the good thing about this pizza cooking games is they offer some prize to winners.

Nitrous Oxide Cartridges – Making Your Cooking More Creative

Nitrous oxide cartridges are being used extensively worldwide for making mouthwatering dishes decorated with whipped cream. Popularly, these are known as cream chargers. Because of growing demand of cream chargers, the competition among the manufacturers has also become stiff, so many of them offer cheap whip cream chargers. Cheap cream chargers are not the cream chargers of inferior quality but the rates are reduced by the manufacturers to increase their approach to the end users.

Nitrous oxide cartridges are the small cylinders filled with Nitrous oxide (N2O). All the leading brands are manufactured in state of art plants following strict hygiene norms regulated by EU. Nitrous oxide gas, a weak sedative, is being used since 18th century. It is a colorless, slightly sweet and non-flammable gas. N2O is being used in dentistry and medical science also. It is also used as a propellant in the aerosol products. Researches have established that using nitrous oxide gas cartridges for preparing whipped cream is 100 percent safe. All manufacturers emphasize upon purity standards.

As the expiry date of these is approximate twenty four months, so you can buy the super packs also. More demanded packs are of 24, 48, 100, 200 and 400 units of 8g each. The Nitrous oxide gas cartridges available for cooking purposes are of 6.3 cm long and 1.8 cm wide size. These are made of recyclable steal but cant be refilled.

The presence of cream chargers in the kitchen inspires you try your hands to cook something special and to decor the dish with your creativity. You love to do artistic work over dishes with whipped cream and your family members praise your cooking talent. Dont forget to say thanks to your small kitchen companions – Nitrous oxide cartridges. With the arrival of cheap whip cream chargers in your kitchen, your menu card expands amazingly because now you have more options to cook delicious cake, decadent pie, foaming frappuccino, gooey cookies, lush caramel macchiato, milky slush, velvety shakes, cheese cakes and rich mousse etc. But dont worry, monthly kitchen budget will remain almost same. Yes, Nitrous oxide cartridges pack along with cream dispenser is becoming popular as a gift item also because it distinguishes your selection approach.

Cooking Classes In India

It is believed that tempting food is the way to the heart of Indian men. Thus preparing an exotic food in not an easy job in itself hence lot of hard work is required for the same. Not each one in this world is blessed with this talent, few learn it from their mothers and grandmothers while the left out’s go for the cooking classes in their area. Cooking classes are the joint initiative taken by few groups in order to skill the populace who believe cooking as their passion. Cooking is not just preparing day to day meal; hence it has become mania for a number of people in this world.

Cooking classes in Bangalore

Bangalore is the centre of variety of talented youths and therefore offers all kinds of opportunity for the young talent of the world and cooking is one of them. The city witness variety of cooking classes both part time and full time. There are different types of cooking classes mainly depending on the cuisine for example South Indian cooking classes, Gujarati cooking classes, Italian cooking classes, Chocolate making classes and many more. Malleswaram, New BEL Road, Benson Town, Banashankari 3RD Stage, Hanumantha Nagar, Sarjapur Road, Richmond Road, Rajaji nagar, vijaya nagar, Koramangala are few areas where you can find the best cooking classes in Bangalore.

Cooking classes in Chennai

Just like Bangalore Chennai also offers plenty of cooking classes for those who want to aquire this talent of cooking exotic and lavishing food at home. Padi, Nandanam, Kilpauk, Royapettah, Iyyappanthangal, Thoraipakkam, Kotturpuram, Chrompet, Adambakkam, Tambaram East and Saidapet are few areas in Chennai where you can effortlessly find cooking classes. The individual in these classes is trained from the professional chefs and eminent personalities who have laid their career in this field.

Cooking classes in Delhi

Delhi is known for style and hence witness large number of cooking classes. Mostly delhites pursue part time cooking course, this utilizes their time and in return they acquired the skill of exotic cooking. Organizing a lavishing food at home is an art but presenting it in a proper way is also required and these classes teach you cooking from the initial step to the final step. Rohini, Kirti Nagar, Panchsheel Enclave, Kalkaji, Lal Kuan, Greater Kailash are few areas in New Delhi for best cooking classes.

Cooking classes in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has its lavish cuisine of its own and hence not everybody can prepare a tempting food. Therefore the city has variety of cooking classes in the areas like Mithila Nagar, Hyderguda, Kondapur, Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Domalguda, Paradise to name a few. Hence, clearing the myth that only women can be a better cook, nowadays men are equally taking part in learning this art of cooking and highlighting the past India’s best chefs are usually men.

Four Things You Should Know Before You Attend Cooking Classes New Orleans

People attend cooking classes in New Orleans for a simple reason they want to improve their culinary skills. For some, it may mean perfecting already inherent abilities while for others, it may serve as a complete reorientation. And although it is the intent of every cooking lecture you attend to teach you everything you need to know about the task, there are certain things you already have to be aware of beforehand so as to fast track the learning process you experience.

a. Know the purpose of all the equipment in the kitchen. Ignorance of the basic applications and operations of tools such as pressure cookers, deep fryers and ovens will slow you down. And it may even make you feel discouraged about pursuing cooking classes in New Orleans. So see to it that you know what certain items are for, how they are used and how they should be maintained. That way you do not feel conscious about your performance. Previous knowledge should make you feel less hesitant about applying techniques using these contraptions to improve the culinary outputs you get.

b. Orient yourself to the basic spices. Due to limited class time, some instructors may not go out of their way to explain to you why you have to saut garlic and onions before you fry anything. Or why you should apply oregano to tomato based dishes and basil to dry chicken or pork cuts. So you have to be aware of the purpose of certain ingredients to avoid confusion and mistaken applications. If you know how to work your way around them, you will be more confident at experimenting. And then, youll have a much better chance at making the most out of what you learn and coming up with culinary masterpieces.

c. Master the different cooking techniques you might encounter during the lecture. Note that different ingredients can be prepared in different ways. For example, if you are to cook steak, you will most likely hear requests for rare, medium rare, medium, medium well-done and well-done. When you serve eggs, you will definitely be asked to provide scrambled, sunny-side up, poached, hard boiled and soft boiled versions. When you use meat products and even vegetables, you could steam, broil, braise, bake, grill, barbecue, stir-fry, smoke and cure them, to name a few. If you are not aware of what processes each of these entail, then you are bound to make a fool out of yourself during demonstrations.

d. Be aware of the essential hygiene requirements when handling food. Otherwise, youll end up creating fares that would make consumers sick. Obviously, you need to wash your hands before you touch anything to prevent contamination. And you will have to wipe or change knives every time you shift slicing ingredients. You are also obliged to keep wet meat products less exposed so that they arent easily corrupted by unwanted microorganisms. And you have to dry them out before you expose them to heated oil so you get fewer violent upshots.

These are just a portion of the things you have to familiarize with if you wish to make your cooking classes New Orleans more comprehensible. Yes, they may seem overwhelming at first. But with a little determination, you are bound to absorb all thats necessary in a week.

Balanced Food Items To Reduce Weight – Anabolic Cooking

Nutrition could be the most significant a part of making an impressive physique. Your muscles won’t mature by themselves and excess fat is not likely to just fall away from. Food will burn that belly excess fat and make your muscle tissue expand.

Getting ready and consuming meals isn’t at all times on our agenda and is generally neglected and overlooked within our life. We require the easy way out and shell out our income on take on-out foodstuff and pre-made dinners or we open a can of our favorite soup. Our young children usually are not capable of getting ready and cooking meals, mainly because we as mothers and fathers do not know the best way to cook healthy foods to drop pounds and to construct muscle.

When we’re looking to stick to healthy food items to drop weight we then encounter yet another trouble. We get bored with the regular food like broccoli, chicken, and carrots. Quickly we start off disloyal and eat anything in sight. Junk food here we come! The place did I hide the chips, ice product, and cookies? The explanation we began eating anything in sight is since we didn’t prepare a thing healthful and tasty in advance.

We should require the time for you to deal with our physique and to cook beneficial nutritious meals. You owe it to oneself and for your young children. Most anabolic recipes could be manufactured extremely quickly, style great, and therefore are really nutritious for you personally. You also can get ready several meals in advance.

Here are a number of, brief recipe examples:

Take a chicken breast and slice it horizontally. You can then layer it with cheese about one oz. Add a slice of bacon and then place the opposite 50 percent of the chicken breast spine on and wrap in aluminum foil and bake in oven till completed.

Require a bell pepper and reduce out the center and eliminate the seeds. It is possible to make a mixture of eggs, onion, ground round, olive oil and Mozzarella cheese. Bake for roughly 40 mins in oven.

Would not a steak with onions and Brussels sprouts sound desirable? Just steam or boil the sprouts. Cut one onion into little pieces and fry in olive oil. Bring the brussels sprouts and reduce them into pieces and add them for your onion. Add salt and pepper. You’ll be able to cook your steak in a different pan.

Studying to eat nutritious and preparing and cooking your own personal meals will probably be the perfect resolution you actually produced for you and to your household. You will probably be in a position to reduce bodyweight and to tone and build muscle. For extra facts to nutritious eating

I delight in writing and have made the decision to pursue a job in Online marketing. I’m at the moment within the course of action of crafting posts on well being, weight loss, diet, and prayer. I would love to reveal my understanding with men and women of related attention.

Cooking Pork Ribs

Pork ribs are purchased in SLABS, consisting of about 15 bones in each slab. A RACK is a SLAB cut in half (6-8 bones). Ribs come in four categories, defined by the location on the hogs rib cage they are cut from:

COUNTRY STYLE…these are more like pork chops and not considered a true rib…pork chop shaped bone. At opposite end of loin backs. Sold in pieces.

LOIN BACK….this is the cut closest to the spine..where the tenderloin is located.. Short and very curved bones. Sold in slabs or half-slabs (racks) and usually weigh 2 and down (1.75 – 2 pounds a slab). (The BABY BACK is simply a loin back off a baby hog..or hog under 85# when dressed Babyback slabs usually weigh 1 3/4 and down. Sold in slabs, it is a Gourmet cut of meat….)

SPARE….more of the middle and lower section of the ribcage. Spares have flat oval bones. Largest of the rib categories..and usually have an extra piece of meat on the underside of the rib, called the Brisket, or tip, which is trimmed off prior to cooking. Usually weighs 3 and down. For BBQ’ing, spares are trimmed somewhat similar the shape of the State of Tennessee..flat on left, angled on right..and straight even on top and bottom, with brisket removed (and cooked separate, if desired, known as the ‘trash ribs’) ST. LOUIS CUT…this is a cut of ribs that is the border area between the loin and the spare…in is a flat oval shaped bone slab, similar to the spare, but from the top it looks like a loin back. Great for outdoor BBQ’ing for friends, and a must for Texas Style competitions.

Which is best to cook? Well…I guess it depends on how much room you have on your grill, and what is the occasion. Spares are for feeding the masses..and the loin backs are better for small dinners or picnics, on smaller grills. Figure on providing a full slab for heavy eaters and a rack for normal appetites.

The best place to buy Loin back Ribs now in small quantities is Sam’s Club. They come 3 slabs to the cryrovac package. I know lots of professional BBQ cookers who get their championship ribs from Sam’s.

You should never pay more than: $6-7 a slab for loins, $6 for spares, and $6-7 a slab for St. Louis.


The two most critical points of cooking any type of BBQ is….time and temperature….both low and slow! This is how I prepare Ribs for Competition:

I choose Loin back’s 2 and down…and keep them iced down (not Frozen) before time to cook. While I start my fire and get the grill up to a warm temp. of about 180 F, I take the ribs out and set them on a table to come close room temp. (as you should with ALL meats you grill or BBQ). I take a slab and remove the back membrane by twisting and bending the slab like an accordion, and then placing the slab on a flat surface and running a small Phillips head screwdriver down a bone in the MIDDLE of the slab, CAREFULLY separating the bone from the membrane (also known as the tallow). Working the blade of the screwdriver slowly sideways on one end of the slab, until a space big enough for my index finger to enter the pocket created between the bone and the membrane. I then CAREFULLY work to the opposite end of the slab..until two, then three fingers are to the other side….then I lift STRAIGHT UP AND AWAY FROM THE middle of the slab…this pulls the membrane away from the middle of the slab and slowly releases from the slab…until it is joined only at the tips….just lift this membrane off and discard it. REMEMBER to take your time for the first one..and it gets easier to do as you go along. Just work the membrane off slowly and try to remove it as one piece, if some of it tears and stays on the slab, don’t worry..just leave it. You do not have to do this part..but it is worth the effort! REMOVE MEMBRANES ON LOIN BACK’S ONLY!!! Spares are darned near impossible to totally remove!

Next..I trim the two end bones off each tip…leaving a 12 bone slab. I do this because it looks better, cooks better, and sometimes there are bone fragments in the tips, no fun for judges to bite into! Then…while the fire is still heating, I squirt some Italian Dressing on both sides of the ribs. This adds a unique flavor and gives the dry rub something to stick to while the ribs are smoking. I then sprinkle a dry rub on both sides of the slab. Try OLD BAY seasoning, found in the seafood section of Kroger by the meat case. All that Rendezvous Seasoning utilizes is Old bay with some cracked white peppercorns!! You can make you own dry rub from scratch, make it spicy or mild. This is the fun part of ribs..the experimentation with the rub. You don’t have to rub the spice, just sprinkle over the top, bottom (if you get the membranes off) ends and sides of the slab. A good rule of thumb is to make sure there is no unspiced red meat exposed anywhere! WARNING: Stay away from large amounts of salt in your rub, it draws moisture out of this delicate cut of meat, and will dry it out! SUGAR in the rub will caramelize during cooking and will blacken your ribs unnecessarily. Leave the rub on about 10 minutes before putting the slabs on the grill.

NEVER put the ribs on the cooker meat side down, always put the slab BONE SIDE to the fire, You should rotate your slabs if the fire is hotter on one side of the grill than the other…or rotate the slabs 180 degrees, but don’t move them from their starting spots, etc. Point is, don’t expose meats to a hot spot on the grill for very long, but keep them rotated, so that all the pieces get some of the hot spot!

If you are cooking on a gas grill, it is imperative you do the following:

Cook at as low a temp. as you can without your burner flaming out. Cook as far away from the flame as you can, if a double burner, put meat over the unlit side, for example. AVOID FLAIRUPS!! Remember..time and temperatureYou MUST introduce smoke to the meat, or it will not be BBQ. Period. Use some hardwood pellets or moistened Chips of hickory or mesquite combo applied to your lava rocks. Oak is fine. NEVER USE RESINOUS WOOD, such as cedar or pine..the resin can impart toxins to the meat and make everyone sick. Smoke flavor is imparted to meats only within the first 2 hours and at below temps of 200F. Excessive smoking can only serve to blacken the meat, or overpower the flavor with smoke. After two hours the meat ‘seals’ and nothing else can penetrate the meat…that is why the low temps are so critical to imparting the BBQ spices and smoke deeper into the meat early on in the process. If you can not impart smoke to the meat, there is one other alternative…marinate the ribs in large ziplock freezer bags with each two slabs getting one cup of Worcestershire Sauce, one half cup of Wicker’s marinade, and one tablespoon of Liquid Smoke, which is a product found in the same section as the Wicker’s. Marinade overnight..or for at least 8 hours before applying dry rub. It gives a false flavor, but it is better than no smoke flavor at all.


It should take about 6 hours at 200 degrees (get an oven thermometer and place it on the grill close to the meat…this is the thermometer to pay attention to!), or 5 hours at 225, or 4 hours at 250. NEVER COOK HIGHER THAN 250F!! All you are doing at that temp. is grilling, and you cannot successfully grill any cut of rib, except for Country Style Ribs.

Apply Smoke for first 2 hours. After one hour, baste ribs with anything! Beer, wine, Wickers, Gramma’s favorite pork baste, whatever…just don’t let the ribs tryout!

After two hours of smoking, wrap EACH SLAB in HEAVY DUTY aluminum foil. Be careful not to punch holes in foil. This is the STEAMING process, which is the secret part that makes the ribs so tender. To further tenderize the meat, pour a 1/3 cup of marinade, or Citric liquid (OJ or pineapple juice works best) into the foil over the meat, before carefully sealing the top of the foil. Wrap tight BUT WATCH FOR HOLES IN THE FOIL. Double or triple wrap, if necessary! That is why the extra heavy-duty foil is so important. Cook in foil another 2 hours, at the lower temps and 1.5 hours if cooking at 250.

NOTE: at the end of the foil process, when you open the foil of one slab to inspect, look for bones shining at you…this means they are steaming too fast and remove from grill immediately! If there is still mostly meat over the top of the slab, you are ok. After 1.5 to 2 hours in the foil, take one slab off the grill and open the foil. Watch for hot steam! When you see this small amount of BLACK LIQUID (rendered fat) at the bottom of the foil, that is the signal to remove the slabs from the foil. This Black stuff is the so called “pig taste” that good rib cooks replace with pure BBQ flavoring. If you are not careful, the black liquid will literally be reabsorbed into the meat, making them a little more ‘porky’ in flavor. I sometimes stack my slabs on their side…like dominos to allow the Fat to slow off the slabs into the bottom of the foil. Again, watch out for pinholes in the foil!

At the appropriate time, remove the foil and place the slabs back on the grill….this will finish the cooking and firm up the ribs if they have gotten too tender. About 30 minutes before serving…paintbrush on a mixture of:

8 parts BBQ Sauce (Cattleman’s, Kraft or your own recipe will do) 2 parts honey some rub (to your taste)

NOT TOO MUCH if you prefer a dry rib…SWAB IT ON if you want a wet rib.

When the ribs are done, take off grill and let cool for about 10 minutes (as again, you should do with ALL grilled foods) before serving. Just before serving, lightly dust the slabs with your dry rub. Cut into 3 or 4 bone sections, and ENJOY! Make sure you have plenty of Moist Towlettes or warm strips of cloth soaked in lemon juice, to fix up the sticky fingers. Serve with French Bread or Texas Toast, BBQ Beans and Potato Salad, with the sauce on the side for those who prefer.

Ribs can be frozen after cooking. Wrap in clear film or foil and place in the freezer. Leave in foil off the grill if you plan on freezing and cooking later. That required last hour of grilling/finishing will be achieved in the warming oven at a later date.

To cook frozen ribs, remove from freezer and let thaw for two hours. Wrapped foil, and put in an oven at 220 for 45 minutes, they are almost as good as hot off the grill! Don’t forget the sauce!

Health Benefits Of Cooking With Artificial Sweeteners

Americans consume an average of 20 teaspoons of sugar a day. That sugar contributes to myriad health problems ranging from diabetes to tooth decay. Nearly every health organization in the world has condemned the high amounts of sugar that we consume in our modern day diets and encourages reducing common table sugar – sucrose – in any way possible. One of the key tools for reducing sucrose in the diet is the wide array of “artificial sweeteners” available on the market.

“Artificial sweeteners” is a misnomer. Like sucrose, most so-called artificial sweeteners are derived from all natural sources. Many of them are even less refined than table sugar. Sucrose is made from sugar cane or sugar beets, highly refined and processed. Most other sweeteners are also made from plant sources. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame (NutraSweet and Equal), saccharin (Sweet ‘n’ Low, Sugar Twin and Necta Sweet) and sucralose (Splenda) have a number of health advantages over sucrose.

Artificial Sweeteners are Lower in Calories

The most important thing that you can do for your health is to maintain a healthy weight. Obesity has been implicated in diabetes, heart disease, strokes, arthritis and many other health conditions. The American Diabetes Association says that people can reduce their risk of developing diabetes by reducing their body weight by just 10%.

One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to reduce calories, and one of the easiest ways to cut out excess calories is to substitute artificial sweeteners for sugar in your everyday foods. How many calories can you cut out by using sugar substitutes in your food instead of sugar? It depends on the sweetener that you choose. The five artificial sweeteners approved by the FDA can cut out a lot of calories, as they are essentially calorie-free.

In addition to those approved sugar substitutes, there are a number of other sugar substitutes in foods that are called ‘sugar alcohols’ even though they are neither sugar nor alcohol. The most commonly known of these is xylitol, used in Orbit gum and other sugar free products. Others include sorbitol and malitol.

Artificial Sweeteners do not promote tooth decay

One of the issues with sugar is that it promotes tooth decay. Poor dental health can contribute to a multitude of other problems with your health. Dental caries are an avenue for gum infection, which can seriously compromise your health. When you reduce sugar by cooking with sugar substitutes, you are helping to reduce tooth decay and all of its attendant problems.

Artificial sweeteners can help diabetics control blood sugar levels

Type 2 diabetes is becoming epidemic in the United States. Diabetics must control the level of sugar in their blood in order to prevent damage to their organs and bodily systems like circulation. Artificial sweeteners are an important tool in helping diabetics control the level of sugar and carbohydrates in their blood. By sweetening foods without sucrose, you can cook delicious meals for yourself or diabetics in your family without compromising their health.

Artificial sweeteners can reduce the glycemic index of foods that you cook

The glycemic index of foods indicates the different ways that carbohydrates are used in our bodies. Foods with a high glycemic index tend to cause dramatic changes in your blood sugar levels, which can be detrimental to your health because it pushes your body to extremes. Foods with low GI’s are healthier in a number of ways.
A low GI diet helps you lose and control your weight. losing weight will improve your overall health and activity level.
A low GI diet increases your body’s sensitivity to insulin. Low sensitivity to insulin means that your body doesn’t metabolize foods well, and can lead to many other health problems.
Low GI sugar substitutes can help you reduce your risk of heart disease, lower blood cholesterol and improve diabetes control.
Because low GI foods are used more slowly by the body, you feel full longer and eat less often. That’s a great aid in losing weight.

The easiest way to switch to a healthier, low GI diet is to substitute low GI foods for the high GI foods that you normally enjoy. That means making little changes like eating brown rice instead of white, whole grain breads instead of bread made with white flour, and substituting natural sweeteners for sucrose and glucose.

In short, using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar when you bake and cook can help your family eat a healthier diet and reduce their risk of developing serious health conditions like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke. It is an easy way to start your family on a lifetime of eating healthy.